Swab for Charlie

One of our Gold Kids, Charlie, is waiting for a match to have a bone marrow transplant as part of his next step in treatment to cure him. Charlie has two types of blood cancer, treating this has been a long road, from diagnosis to now. Waiting for a bone marrow match is stressful and scary.

Gold Geese try to help in any way we can when a family is going through childhood cancer treatment. In this case what we did was to launch a huge swab drive both locally in Leigh on sea’s Old town, Southend college and further afield in London offices. We were/are swabbing to register potential stem cell donors on the world wide register. This registration takes only a few minutes and can potentially save a life, should you become a match. #swabforcharlie

Just within the first month of launching this campaign we have registered nearly 2000 new potential donors.

Again, thanks to everyone for getting involved and helping make this possible. But mostly, thank you for showing this family that we are with them. We Fly Together.

Katie Southgate