Gold Feedback from families

Its in our ethos not to post photos of our families or their children, we do this for privacy of the family. Gold Geese want to be the ones Gold Families get in touch with when they need us, even if that is for help with a food shop or a cry out for some mental well-being support. Sometimes the fact its not going to be plastered all over social media - makes it easier to ask, more comfortable. So you won’t find huge stories about where your donations have gone on here, or photos of poorly kids asking for more donations

….but we have asked some of our parents if we can share their thank you messages with you.

(We have been cheeky and posted a couple of photos with permission too)


“Our family have benefited hugely from the support of Katie Southgate (Gold Geese) and this amazing charity. From late night dashes to Great Ormond Street hospital, to provide a little cheer, after difficult procedures, to bringing us together with other families in the same situation. For lifting our spirits with treats and pick me ups, when we are feeling low, to celebrating F’s bravery and successes of the milestones in treatment. They provided assistance and emotional guidance in organising our darling boys funeral, as well as, therapy for the family, moving forwards.

I will be eternally grateful to Katie, and all at Gold Geese, who have provided valuable support to us, over the last two years and continue to do so. They have made an incredible difference to what has been a very difficult time and have helped us to smile through tears.

Please help Gold Geese to maintain their valuable work in supporting other children and families, who are in a similar situation.*


“Amazing charity that has and continues to support my family and most importantly has made my boy smile”

“We had some lovely time (together). The room was out of this world, the kids enjoyed 3D movies in the hotel room and pamper pack was fabulous”

“I appreciate all you done for us and just finding you really. Even a message from you can really help me focus and find understanding in most things”

“Can’t thank you enough, dearest Katie. Its such a difficult time of year and to know we are always in your thoughts and that our little ones will never be forgotten means the world to us. We will always have a special bond”


“You’ve made his day”

“Thank you so much. You are amazing. We all love you”

“Look what your kindness did today. The photo does it no justice”

“We are so grateful for everything Katie! You are amazing”

“As an oncology family too I thank you for your support and am proud to call you a friend”

“Cant tell you how grateful we are for your support and help! You have a big heart and what you do is wonderful!”

“You do a wonderful job bringing smiles to their faces when things aren’t so good, I’ve seen it”

“Thanks so much for taking the time to come with us today. It meant the world. I know how busy you are and it was brave of you to come back to an environment so close to your heart. Loved having you around”