Our story

Our founders daughter was diagnosed with a blood cancer in 2014. 

She lived on Elephant ward in Great Ormond Street for the first year of treatment, then remained an out patient for the second year. 

Our local community were incredibly supportive and provided a huge amount of help. We now aim to pass this onto other families with the same battle ahead of them. 

Gold Geese was the name chosen for the charity because of two reasons:

GOLD is the childhood cancer awareness colour.

GEESE are strong animals that travel huge distances together, they support one another. They fly together to conserve energy. They will help the sick, injured members. Geese are powerful. Exactly what you need to be when it comes to cancer.

When our founders daughter was poorly we all had an insight into the momentous, life changing world that childhood cancer brings. If we can provide some sort of support to another family embarking on this huge journey, we will have succeeded.